Whatever the cargo requirements – a container load of bananas from South America to China, or blood plasma from United States to Europe – the highest quality sensors are required to ensure transport under the best possible conditions. With a 60 % global market share, Senmatic fully understands the complexity of measuring temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and O2 in the most demanding conditions on board a container vessel.

We deliver second-to-none sensor solutions, ensuring the cargo is transported under the best possible conditions. At Senmatic, we offer sensors solutions to ensure that perishable cargo is transported under optimal conditions, even in harsh environments.

Our sensor offerings for temperature, humidity and gas measurement include:

  • Resistance temperature sensors (Pt-100, Pt-1000, NTC) for controlling the refrigeration unit
  • Humidity sensors for cargo monitoring
  • CO2 sensors for cargo monitoring
  • O2 sensors for cargo monitoring
  • USDA sensor for Cold Treatment
  • Digital & Analogue sensor solutions

A major part of the sensors are certified to required industry standards.

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Find the right sensor

Find the right sensor for your business

For the reefer industry Senmatic supplies quality sensors, and continuously optimized sensor solutions to meet the latest standards and classification requirements. 

In the list at left you can find all our products suitable for the reefer and refrigeration industry.

Classified sensors

Classified sensors with Pt-resistors and NTC thermistors

Temperature sensor type PTI

Type PTI

Insertion thermometer

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Temperature sensor type PTV

Type PTV

For wall mounting - Classified

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Temperature sensor type PTVP


For wall mounting

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For insertion in cold/frozen provisions

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Wire sensors

Wire sensors with Pt-resistors and NTC-thermistors

Temperature sensor type BJ

Type BJ

Cable sensor with Bayonet

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Temperature sensor type BJV

Type BJV

Angle wire sensor w/bayonet

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Temperature sensor type PTE

Type PTE

Wire sensor

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Temperature sensor type PV

Type PV

Wire sensor with angle bending

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DIN-standardized thermocouples

DIN-standardized thermocouples

  • For low / high pressure environments

  • Measuring inserts

  • Mineral insulated thermo sensors for diesel engines

  • classified thermo sensors

Temperature sensor type BJ

Type TBJ

Thermocouple wire w/bayonet

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Humidity Sensors

Humidity sensors

CO2 - O2 sensor

Type CO2-O2

Gas sensors

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Humidity sensor type MHT

Type MHT

Humidity sensor

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For any purpose

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Calibration temperature scale


Traceable to ITS-90 and EN60751

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Quality Management Processes - Get more insights into the specific relevant quality processes

Quality Management Processes - Get more insights into the specific relevant quality processes

We actually strive for our customers not to notice our organizational quality management systems; when they don’t, it means our quality processes work flawlessly, and our customers notice nothing but the high quality of our products and the confidence in our strong cooperation.

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