3 reasons why you should choose marine approved sensors

3 reasons why you should choose marine approved sensors

Quality is directly linked to safety, operating costs, and efficiency. Choosing marine approved sensors means trust in product quality and assurance that the product will keep operations predictable and safe. Here are three reasons why to choose marine approved sensors for marine environments.

1. Superior product quality

For a sensor product to be marine approved it must be tested meticulously. The process includes initial testing and continuous assessments, where documentation, processes and procedures are controlled. These tests ensure that the sensors will be an asset to your operations in the expected lifespan.

In other words, choosing marine approved sensors provides predictability and security. That is why our sensor range is used by industry-leading manufacturers who depend on reliable performance.

At Senmatic, we consider quality as the core for serving our customers in all aspects of provision of products and services. That is why, in addition to marine approvals, we have implemented several quality management systems applicable for the entire organization and product range (marine approved or not), including ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16 949 and PPAP, which are all part of securing superior product quality.

2. Access to global markets

As part of a global industry, you are likely to operate in multiple regions and carry out business with partners of many nationalities. Choosing marine approved products provides a common language regardless of region and nationality, making it much easier to ensure that all partners conform to international requirements and live up to global market expectations about safe operations with quality equipment.

Because requirements for sensors aboard marine vessels vary around the world, you are more likely to be well prepared when entering new seas, markets, and partnerships by being able to document that your products are state-of-the-art in terms of quality, lifespan, and performance.

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3. Built to perform in maritime conditions

To perform in maritime conditions, marine approved sensors undergo extensive physical and electronic testing with its practical use in mind. For example, the sensors are tested for their ability to withstand vibrations, as they are often placed very close to or directly on the ships engine when installed.

When installed in the engine, the sensors are connected to the ship’s control system. At Senmatic, we either deliver sensors with signals that match our customers’ needs or attach a transmitter, which makes it possible to connect the signal directly to the control system.

These tests and features based on maritime conditions give you security in the products’ ability to uphold performance when installed in the vessel’s engine room.

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Sensors for the marine industry

Sensors are manufactured based on thermocouple and resistance temperature sensor (Pt-100 or Pt-1000):

  • Sensors for exhaust gas
  • Sensors for scrubbers and ballast water
  • Sensors for Cooling water, fuel oil and lube oil
  • Sensors for Stern tube and bearings
  • Sensors for Charge air temperature
  • Sensors for Incinerators
  • Sensors for Inlet and outlet in pumps

We also supply sensors for cryogenic storage and transportation.

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Marine hydraulic - ensuring vitality through high-quality temperature sensors

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