Calibration temperature scale


Traceable to ITS-90 and EN60751

  • Calibration is needed for high accuracy or for verification  to third party.
  • Calibration of RTD sensors
    1. The sensors are compared at -195 °C, -75 °C, 0 °C and  100 °C with traceable references.
    2. A certificate with measurements, calculated Calendar  Van-Dusen coefficients, uncertainty and traceability is issued.
  • Unique calibration
    Senmatic offer a unique calibrated 4-20 mA transmitter  – RTD sensor set.
  • What does unique calibration mean?
    1. The RTD sensor is calibrated
    2. The transmitter is programmed with the Callendar  Van-Dusen coefficients
    3. The transmitter is calibrated by simulating the RTD  resistance at 3 points (4 mA, 12 mA and 20 mA)
    4. Certificates for both calibrations are supplied together with the paired transmitter-sensor set
  • Callendar Van-Dusen coefficients?
     The resistance at temperature t can be described this way R(t) = Ro*( 1 + A*t  +  B*t2 + C*(t-100)*t3) where  Ro is the resistance at 0 °C and A, B and C the Calendar Van-Dusen coefficients. Above 0 °C C=0. By active use of the coefficients the sensors uncertainty is less than ±0.024 °C in the calibrated range.
  • Calibration is only offered with 4 wire sensors


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