Temperature sensor type HR

Type HR

Reduced immersion length, for fast response time - for hygienic use

  • Threaded thermometer for measurement of temperatures in e.g. the food industry, and where a fast response time is requested.
  • Measuring insert according to IEC 751.
  • Protective sheath, Form B, DIN 43763, of Ø6×1.5 mm stainless steel, AISI 316.
  • Standard without extension length. Extension length: Ø12.
  • Connection NONE, nipple, union nipple, union nut or clamp.
  • Form B connection head according to DIN 43729, of light-alloy, protection IP 65, cable gland PG 16.
  • Response time (mean values) measured at velocities in:
     water w. 0.4 m/s: t0.5 = 2 sec
    .  air w. 3.0 m/s: t0.5 = 24 sec.
  • Recommended measuring current: max. 2 mA.
  • Senmatic only guarantee, that the part in contiguity with food, comply with the demands of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.


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