Humidity sensor type HTC

Type HTC

Humidity sensor

  • Type HTC is used for controlling of the humidity in refrigeration plants, reefer units, air-conditioning and ventilating plants.
  • Type HTC consists of a capacitive element with matching signal amplifier, mounted in a stainless steel tube.
  • Type HTC is available in 3 models:
  • HTC-L:  with 2,5 m PVC-wire
    HTC-K:  with PG 9
    HTC-H:  with B-head according to DIN 43729
  • Type HTC is calibrated in 2 spots in order to achieve a high degree of accuracy.
  • Technical Data
  • Supply voltage: 10 - 25V DC
    Voltage dependence: 0,01%RH
    Measuring range: 0-100%
    Working temperature:  0 - 70°C
    Storage temperature: -25 / +85°C
    Temperature dependence: 0,2%RH/°C
    Output signal: 4-20 mA
    Calibration: Calibrated in 2 spots on delivery 
  • The humidity sensor is mounted in an impact-proof stainless steel tube, with internal and thus protected functions.


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