Temperature sensor type BJV

Type BJV

Angle wire sensor with bayonet

  • Is used for measurement of temperatures in machinery, tools, heating plates, bearings etc. where a fast replacement is desired.
  • The measuring element is according to IEC 751.
  • The protective sheath is standard of Ø6×0,5 mm stainless steel.
  • Mechanical connection by means of a nipple, which e.g. is screwed into the machine. The sensor is mounted by means of the bayonet socket. The spring load is adjusted by screwing the bayonet socket up/down the spring before mounting.
  • Response time (mean values) measured at velocities in:
    water at  0.4 m/s: t0.5 = 7 sec.
    air at 3.0 m/s:      t0.5 = 24 sec.
  • Recommended measuring current:  max. 2 mA.


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