Multi-spot sensor type NL-Cryo


Tank Thermometer - Mineral-insulated

  • Mineral insulated thermometer for temperature measurement in insulation and concrete surroundings e.g. liquid gas tanks and LNG tanks.
  • Measuring temp. range: -200°C to +100°C.
  • Up to 16 spots for 4-wire and 20 spots for 3-wire
  • The measuring element is glass encapsulated platinum elements according to EN60751.
  • Protective sheath of AISI 316L filled with compressed MgO powder. Sensor tip Ø6 AISI 316L.
  • 26 AWG PTFE
  • Response time (mean values) measured at velocities in:
     water w. 0.4 m/s: t0.5 = 6.4 sec. - t0.9 = 27 sec.
  • Recommended measuring current: 1 mA (max. 2 mA).
  • Approvals:
    Ex ia IIC T6 Ga
    IECEx FME 13.0003X

To achieve the highest accuracy we recommend the 4 wire calibrated version.
Each calibrated sensor is supplied with a certificate stating its own individual coefficients Ro, A, B and C to substitute the standard coefficients in the EN60751 platinum curve. By use of the coefficients the uncertainty of the sensor will be <=20 mK in the range -195 to 100 °C. The transmitter will represent the major part of the total system uncertainty.



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