Multi-spot sensor type NLI

Type NLI

Multi-spot thermometer

  • Type NLI is a multi-spot thermometer for measurement of average temperatures, primarily in stationary tank systems, with requirements to the tolerance and the response time of the temperature measurement. Type NLI is often used in connection with measuring of volume in e.g. oil or bitumen or for estimating the accumulated energy in bulk storing tanks.
  • The measuring elements are according to EN 60751. Min. 150 mm from bottom of the sensor to the first spot.
  • Flex tube of stainless steel, PTFE (not Atex), standard  ¾ or 1".
  • Accessories: Flanges, weights, terminal boxes and transmitters
  • Technical information regarding material and connection diagrammes: see separate data sheet.
  • Approvals: ATEX - all types except PTFE.
    IECEx FME08.0007X 
  • CE 0402 Ex  II 1G FM Approved
  • Temp. range:  -50°C to +130°C: Ex ia IIC T4T
  • T emp. range:  -50°C to +250°C: Ex ia IIC T2


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