Temperature sensor type OPX Atex

Type OPX

With Ex-head and reduced tip / fast response time

  • Atex approved: ITS13ATEX17816X
    II 1/2 G Ex d IIC T4 Tamb -40 to +95°C Ga/Gb
    II 1/2 D Ex ta IIIC T135 Tamb -40°C-+95°C Da
  • Flange mounted thermometer.
  • For temperature measuring in refineries, chemical plants and other hazardous installations. Often mounted in thermowell.
  • Exchangeable insert type MMI, Ø6 mm
  • Optional: Transmitter mounting. Available: PR5331A, PR533A, PR5335A and PR5350A.
  • Sensing element according to IEC 751
  • Extension length Ø12 stainless steel 316Ti
  • Response time (mean values) at velocities in:
    water at 0.4 m/s:  t 0,5 = 29 sec.
    air at 3.0 m/s: t 0,5 = 120 sec.


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