Temperature sensor type BJ

Type TBJ

Thermocouple - mineral-insulated with plug

  • Mineral insulated thermocouples - DIN 43721 - are used for reasons such as flexibility, fast responsetime and good resi-stance to vibrations, for measurement of temperatures in inaccessible places and harsh environment.
  • Thermocouples only available with 1×TC.
  • The measuring junction is standard insulated. The thermo-couples are available with grounded alternatively exposed measuring junction. Exposed measuring junction max. 100°C.
  • The thermocouple is insulated with MgO. The tube is sealed at the tails. This sealing must not be exposed to temperatures over 150°C.
  • Jacket material for protective sheath is chosen depending on temperature and environment, see separate data sheet.
  • The recommended working temperature is dependent on thermowire and jacket material.
  • Mechanical connection: Standard plug or mini plug.


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