Multi-spot sensors - for measuring level temperatures in tank installations

  • One unit – Several measurement spots
  • Single mounting
  • High accuracy of measurement
  • High tolerance class according to EN 60751
  • Contributing to correct settlement of the volume in a tank

Senmatic’s Multi-spot Thermometers are sensors offering high tolerances and accurate measurement of temperature in each spot element.  Our Multi-spot Thermometers are used for measurement of average temperatures in primarily stationary tanks systems for oil, gas and preheated storage tanks in the power industry.

We supply the sensors with 4-wires connection and up to 16 spots, which can be calibrated with certificate and coefficients to achieve maximum accuracy for Custody Transfer Systems. Multi-spot sensors come in different types including Water Level Sensor (WLS), and a type for Cryogenic use, too.



Multi-spot sensors - see the different types

Tank temperature sensors
Tank temperature sensors
Multi-spot sensor type NLI

Type NLI - Multi-spot sensor - Measurement of volume

Used for measuring average temperatures in tank systems

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Multi-spot sensor type NL-Cryo

Type NL Cryogenic - multi-spot sensor

For cryoginic use - measurement in multiple spots -170°C to +95°C

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Water level sensor WLS

Type WLS - Water-Level-Sensor - multi-spot sensor

For continuous measurement of the water / oil interface

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