Thermowells - for maximum protection

For maximum protection of temperature sensors in aggressive or abrasive medias, no matter if it’s high pressure or low pressure applications.

  • Solid-machined versions - for maximum strength and high pressure
  • Thermowells with weld-on flanges
  • Different material choices depending on the application and temperature
  • Easy to replace sensor

Whether in aggressive or abrasive process media, whether in high- or low-temperature ranges: For resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s) or thermocouples (TC’S), to prevent direct exposure of their temperature probes to the medium, thermowells that suit each application are available. Thermowells can be machined from solid-body material or assembled from tube sections and can either be screw-, weld-in or flange-fitted. They are offered in stainless steel as standard and special materials, e.g. Inconel 600, 1.4571, 1.5415 and other materials on request.

Thermowell are offered in different configurations, tapered or straight design and featuring several process connections such as NPT (tapered), BSP ( straight) threads and manufactured according to DIN43772. Thermowells are designed and manufactured to support assembly to temperature sensors with either fixed thread, compression fittings, rotable unions or special solutions on request.

For food, beverage, pharmaceutical applications where high hygiene standards are required a clamped thermowell is the optimum solution.


Accessories - see the different types

Thermowell type ISL

Type ISL - Thermowell for weld-in w. rotable union

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Thermowell type LDW

Type LDW - Weld-in thermowell for Form D sensor

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Thermowell type LOE

Type LOE - For wire sensors w. relief screw / fixed thread

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Thermowell type LOF

Type LOF - Thermo well with fixed thread

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Thermowell type LOK

Type LOK - Thermowell with clamping ring

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Thermowell type LOL

Type LOL - Thermowell with rotable union

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Thermowell type LOS

Type LOS - Thermowell with flange conection

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